Cat plays and tests

It’s all going crazy! It’s a little bit of everything appearing on here at the moment just because of the different modules/parts of different briefs I’m trying to do at once.
Here’s some more stuff on the animation side and the animation of my disabled cat.
I’ll start this little post with the rough sketches I had done on photoshop trying to create a more ‘life like’ drawing of a cat’s face which turned out to be more difficult than I thought. The main issue I had was with the actual mouth, trying not to make it seem too cartoony or just making the cat seem drugged… In the end I finished with something inbetween. The other image is just a rough sketch to get an idea of where to put the vector lines for the actual animated body of the cat.

The reason I drew the cat in this ‘disected’ way was so that it would be easier to animate the cat with it being on different layers and parts as well as making it more fluid with the ‘ball joints’ I created for the cat which I can then place a structre on using the ‘bone tool’ in Flash which allows me to animate it.
Here is the original illustrator image of the cat that I had created that I had then placed into Flash to animate.

After finishing off all the little features on the cat, I had imported it into Flash and began to try animating it. The issue I had with this one was that Flash decided that my cat was too complex for it to be able to animate in the way I had originally planned. So it was back to Illustrator for me and I had to again create a new cat or atleast try to simplyfy the cat in such a way that Flash could allow me to use it! Happy days… So here is cat 0.2

As you can tell I worked a bit more on the idea of animating the parts more seperatly as well as creating the second leg and altering the tone of the entire leg(s) in order to get a sense of position on the cat and depth.


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