Busy Building…

With me having to create an enviroment and a set for my character, I thought what better than to look at some real architecture work that has some floor plans, rendering and just images that people really have to work with. And what better place to get all these images and information from than my lovely cousin! He work’s for a company based in America which renders sketch ups of houses and has to deal with drawing them up in 3D and then adding mainly the outside but sometimes interior of buildings.
Here are just some of the images he was able to send my way just to have a look at the sort of plans he has to deal with and then produce a 3D sketch up for…

“Here are some examples of some renderings I did a couple years ago.
The project was for a client who designs boathouses.
The attachents show what we were sent…in this case scans of some hand drawn elevations and floor plans.
We have to make them look pretty…
The floorplan and perspective exterior shots are of the same building…
The interior shots are of another home we did for this architect. They wanted to see what the different styles of fireplace might look like…”

It’s interesting to look at the style of drawing as well as the type of symbols and images used so that people understand the meaning of what is going within each room. The scale is obviously a very key part of the drawing process that would most likely be an issue for me as I don’t really do well with those sort of things but I’ll get over it. There’s also a great little use of photoshop or atleast importing images to fit in the surroundings that still consider light and direction of shadow, making it seems more realistic, as well as the very nice touch of the reflection on the water underneath the boathouse on the final rendered image.

If you’d like anymore information about the company please check out their website for some more of their brilliant work…


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