Start some animation!

Here are the notes that I got down for when we started actually looking into animation in terms of creating some actual movement and narrative.
Some are a bit odd with me just taking notes of stuff that I thought will help me out later and just little pointers that might not make sense to others.
The majority of the sketches though are just of me trying to figure out a sequence of some kind just to get it all going and thinking of different narritives I could do for the first part of the module, which is to create two seperate animations with narrative linked around ‘Polygons’ and then ‘Walking’. A few of the notes on the second page are actually from the flash tutorial we had but there wasn’t much I really needed to write down.
The last two pages are just of we developing my idea for the Polygon animation, I decided to make the two animations into one but having them almost like part 1 of the story and part 2. The main storyline is along the lines of seeing a cat go threw different shapes and as the cat interacts with these polygons they bounce and roll away. The second part then moves onto the cat actually finding a shape to use as its back legs because ssadly its disabled… the idea just came from a comment from one of our little lectures which is also why theres a sketch of a disabled cat on the first page.
Anyway, enjoy!


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