Adobe Flash Fool!

Seeing as we’ve started our animation module we started playing around with Flash and well I have used it before so I wasn’t too bad but it has changed a fair bit since the last time I touched it.
Here are all the shorts that we got down and created thanks to Simon, who really knows his stuff! There is a few of them but they are all about 4 seconds long max, so it would be cool if you would check them all out. We went through a few basic principles such as ‘tweenin’ as well as using different tools, cells and onion skin.
Some are better than others and I need to learn how to export them correctly without the crazy lines that stick around. Can’t wait to get onto more advanced stuff though, you might notice with the odd things in the animations and I went a little overboard in the induction by creating a few more than I needed….

Traditional Frame by Frame animation

Using Tweenin to animate the ball

Movement Tween. Looking at Ease in & Ease out

Rotation of square using classic tween and moving the pivot point

Classic tween motion path

Advanced classic motion path

Classic colour tween

Classic shape tween

Number tweenin

Playing around with morphing

Werewolf morphing using classic tween and motion points

Playing around morphing a car into a plane


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