Set/Enviroment Design…

For our Visual Language modual we also need to create the enviroment or sort of set that the character that we had developed earlier would live in…
I thought about the setting and the time in which I had created Rosie in, and I had decided that a space ago sort of look for her would fit nicely. Something that was futuristic but not so distant that it almost seems alien… So I thought about creating a living area in space, this meant I have to first create the ‘space ship’ or craft that would house the living area for Rosie. I thought about a few different things that I would want the room to look like or consist of such as being very circular and having a metallic or white colour to it, something quite clean and modern but the outside to be a bit darker and messy.
Here’s some of the initial ideas and the craft I kept with, trying to develop it and just trying a different look but it just got too complex and a bit messy.


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