I’m not quite sure where this would fit into any of my work apart from looking at environments and scenes perhaps, but this is a pretty sweet design for a seat.
They’re not revolutionary or anything but I think they’re a really nice idea and I like the design and thought that went through to create it.

When you look at a seat you don’t think much of it, but you don’t realise the practical use of them, obviously, being able to sit on it, being functional and aesthetically pleasing. Once you’ve got those in mind and covered you get more expressive and experimental seats like this one… I like the fact it can rock into a different position as well as the fact you can share the seat and it makes it just that little bit more sociable.
The design’s also a little futuristic and makes me think of what sort of things I could make up in my designs for my character as well as the new briefs which have to do with surroundings, environments and things like that.

I just like looking at everything contemporary as well… I guess its a force of habit now.


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