Music to the masses…

With me realising the editing wouldn’t take too long I just decided I could try and do the editing and sound myself, sorry Billy, and got on with choosing the music/sound to stick it all together…
I went threw a fair few different sounds and music from all over the place but decided I needed something ambient and calming for the video to try and go with it. It was harder than I thought. I went onto Free Music Archive to try and get something different and spent a good hour or two on there looking for the right thing but it just wasn’t working out because I was worried about spending waaaay too much time on the site.

After that I thought about looking threw a few of the older videos that I’ve liked and things that kind of relate to the short I’ve made…
That’s when I remembered ‘Words’ which is in a previous post…
The music that went along with this short was beautiful and went along with the footage really well. Sadly the actual song for it is not for download, so I thought I would do the next best thing and try looking the composer up. Luckily Keith Kenniff had his own site as well as having his music on a few other sites that freely shared his music…

So after going threw more of his music on Soundcloud I was able to choose one and place it into my short on final cut and then edit it to fit the one minute as well as go along with the footage.


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