Finalising and gathering…

So heres a few bits n bobs that I have been working on to get to the, almost, finalised version of my one minute short. This includes my notes in my sketchbook with some dates, key information and just general points.

Here is a link to open a PDF version of the questions I made to ask the people I was going to interview…

The notes and little bit of planning I had done just to get the video going as well as things I needed to remember…
On the right all the writing is for the settings I wanted for the cartoon affect and I kept that down so I could keep the images all the same and consistent.

This is the video for my one minute layout which is almost done, the short stop motion animation that Ben had done for me is in but only one part of the rotoscope has been placed in. This is the final layout without all the rotoscope, music, text animation and editing…


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