Rotoscope testing…

So I haven’t been putting on a lot of blog updates for awhile… mainly because I’ve been so focused on getting the rotoscoping done and filming and general running around!
But here is the development work I did to just get an idea of what I was going to do in terms of rotoscoping and how I was going to do it…
I decided to try and get all the rotoscoping done by using photoshop but the issue to start off with is getting the images as a sequence and creating the painted affect I wanted that I had seen on movies like Waking Life (link to Waking Life in earlier post) and Scanner Darkly.
I began by getting the footage and placing it into Final Cut Pro, within Final Cut I shortened the video to the point that I wanted so I only had to rotoscope what I wanted. After shortening and getting the actual footage I wanted, I then exported the footage as a quicktime file which I opened back up in After Affects.

After Affects with the edited footage and now changing the fps.

Once I had it all open on After Affects I changed the frames per second (FPS) to 15 from the 30 fmps which I had shot the footage in, this was to shorten the amount of frames I had to rotoscope due to the time limit I have but I had to keep it fairly high because I didn’t want it to be jumpy. After changing the fps I then exported the non-edited version of the footage on After Effects by adding them to the render queue, and within this part I had chosen for them to be taken out as a photoshop sequence. This makes it a lot easier for me to open each one in photoshop to start to draw on them. After rendering the original version, I then went onto rendering a version with the footage edited using the cartoon affect after playing around with the effect for a very long time trying to get the right sort of look I was going for…

Photoshop, drawing..

The 3 different layers involved.

making sure that the brush tool has shape dynamics on so that when I use the pen tablet it captures the strokes pressure I create, as if it had been painted.

Here is an image of my working on the test frames on photoshop, as you can see I had placed the two different versions of the same frame on top of each. I had done it so that the edited version with the cartoon affect on was on the bottom, the unedited version was on the second layer and then the pen drawn layer above. This made it so I could see the layer without the edit so that I knew where all the key features and points are on Freddie’s body. After drawing the lines in I then simply deleted the unedited image’s layer and saved the finished drawing with the cartoon affected layer. After doing a few of these you get really good with mainly 5 shortcuts… close, new layer, save as, brush tool and arrow tool. Below is the final outcome of the test footage even though it is only one second I had actually drawn around 15 frames.

I know realise why people say rotoscoping is hard… it takes… awhile.


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