Illustrator babbyyy!

Here are the images from the illustrator induction we went through, which really did help! I did know all the basic information about Illustrator but in terms of using it I am pretty rubbish. Now… I’m not too bad! In my mind it’s similar to photoshop but not at all is it the same.. we first used the sheet below as a quick test and practice with the pen tool which made a lot of the things I was unclear about before more… clear.

Here is an image of Totoro we had a practice on to try out some different stuff but mainly the pen and altering the anchors and points.

These are the images of one of my characters that I created which I scanned in then used Illustrator to draw over.
The first image is of the scanned in image with the lines gone over using the pencil, which I defiantly will be practacing and using more often, although it looks fairly simple it was hard to actually do. The second one is where I put some colour in using layers and copying the lined layer. The final image is of the first initial illustrator image of my character finished.


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