After Effects Induction?! Crazy…

Here are some of the short videos that I had produced in the After Affects induction.
Keeping in mind I have never touched After Affects although I’ve always wanted to have a good go with it…
The first video is just two images I took off the internet from the new film ‘Despicable Me’, I had first photoshoped the image of the character Agnes out of an image then taken the other image of the minions and placed them together on separate layers.
I had then used some of the features on After Affects to animate them as well as playing with the difference in layers and hiding Agnes behind a minion in the short.

This one below is the original footage of Billy which we had taken in order to try out using green screen and taking that footage and putting it with a totally different background…

Here is one of the final green screen tests I had produced as the original one was a little bit more to only a certain people’s tastes so to say… It was all good fun though!


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