Hatsune Miku

Some crazy stuff I found on another one of those art blogs…
I’m too sure about the information on this one but from what I have found out so far the character Hatsune Miku could be described at the Japanese version of Gorillaz but without the large band and, obviously, more feminine, one could say they are a Japanese pop version of Gorillaz. Although its not the animation I’ve seen that has been done around Hatsune Miku or the actual music, which just doesn’t get out of your head, but the way they have actually done a concert for her songs in Japan.
The two videos are from the concert which show Hatsune Miku in a truly new light. Using some sort of glass or plastic they projected the digital animated image of Hatsune Miku onto it which spanned from, almost, one side of the stage to the other. Sure the graphics of the animation and synch may be a little off, however the idea that it almost looks holographic is brilliant in my eyes. Forgetting the fact you can see the reflection of some of the glow sticks on the glass, when you watch the performance you get immersed in a world in which she could really be there, singing and dancing away in front of you. It’s defiantly a step in the right direction towards those holograms that we all really want.


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