Photoshop brief

The images within this blog are all for the photoshop brief we had before reading week. Its a little behind but here they are! the images above are the ideas that I had quickly drawn up on photoshop which led to my actual images. They are terrible and nothing extreme but they helped me before I completely forgot them.

These two images where the first ones I had done with an idea that at the time I thought would be good… if i could pull it off. To me, they just didn’t work out. I had first edited the heart grenade by just getting an image of the two things separately. I then went into editing the proportions of the heart valves, once I did that and put them where I wanted and cut them out I went onto sorting out the contrast within the image as well as adding the shading. The actual sorting of the Blair and Bush image was pretty easy editing the text and adding the chest, just took a bit of fiddling.

These two images came from just thinking about all the illustrations and text that I found really interesting. I had linked the idea of the power of the pen and thought about how much a weapon can do to people in the world, similar to asking if the pen is mightier than the sword no? Not too difficult to do just had to get my hands on all the images as well as taking photos of my old high school pen as well as the top half.

These three where the most fiddly images I had to photoshop with them not always doing what I wanted and some cases not turning out right. After doing the photoshop induction I got the technique of getting and images outline then getting another image to fill that outline. I had got my camera out whilst playing a bit of Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 online with some of the DFGA crew, that was possibly the most toughest thing to do by myself as I was too busy trying to get a kill to take a picture of! The timing was terrible but I did get a few shots that came out well.

These three images are just of the previous three put together, in original cut out, COD cut out and finally all three together.


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