TRON…. its back!

There isn’t any real reason for the point of this being on here apart from the real excitement I have to watch this movie. I’m still shocked when people tell me that they still have yet to have seen the original 1982 movie with its crazy CGI and rustic sound. Truly one of my most favourite films from my childhood, being one of the films that pushed me to be more inventive and experimental. What I’ve made out is that it does lead on from the original film with Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) back but older and with a son, but obviously taking into a whole new version of the world with pumped up graphics and visual affects leading us into a whole new generation. They have kept that dark and mysterious feel of the world and the somewhat ‘retro’ sound with Daft Punk back for some crazy techno sound with a bit more bass this time round. The music and imagery match perfectly oozing that game world with past paced action and true adventure. The trailer above makes me want to watch it the most with it being the most current, it just gives you that little bit more.
Check out the video below for Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”


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