Red Vs Blue

I’m sure a lot of you out there know about Red Vs Blue, if you don’t then these guys a real crazy bunch that had grasped the use of machinima in its prime and brought around some brilliant little shorts set around different characters from the two sides set on Halo. All their episodes are well scripted out and humorous full of witty little puns. For a big fan of Halo I love the shorts they make and seem to always go back to their website in order to check out any news ones as well as watch the old classic Red Vs Blue. The most interesting thing about this specific episode though is the amount of mixed machinima there is involved in the short. I understand how they had done the moving around and speaking as its easily done simply playing a game and re-watching it in theatre, this being a very simple way of doing it which I’am sure they have expanded on, however the point where they move so freely some what confuses me. I can’t wait to learn more on how to do these sorts of things with pre-existing software or characters. I like how smooth the transitions are from almost game view to this crazy fighting and more free movement.
But more to the point, if you haven’t seen Red Vs Blue, love a bit of dry humour and Halo… you’re defiantly missing out.


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