Dream World? Waking Life..

I was shown this last year by my cousin in Canada as I had this sudden interest in dreams. Directed and Written by Richard Linklater, this film, to me, really messes with your mind. The rotoscope imagery that passes in front of your face put the viewer themselves into a dream like state which engrosses you in this very deep and powerful film. You follow the journey of a young man as he passes through his endless dreams meeting various and very different people as they divulge to him their different thoughts, feelings, ideas and desires. It’s one massive mix of thoughts so vast that I can’t even put it into words. I love how much the film makes you think whilst still playing with everyones ideas, really pushing everything in your mind around. You could say its like getting high from a film, not that I would know anything about any of those things..
Full of quotes and interesting head scratchers, its a film that I am sure to watch over and over again. The most interesting thing about the film personally is not actually the dialogue and the sound but the imagery they have produced. With many different forms of rotoscoping involved in the film it moves from dream to dream into a more focused style to a more loose form. I really love the mix in style and the strong bond between image and language. A beautiful film that excites the brain and stimulates creativity as well as one good trip.

I thought this was just going to be a link for the whole movie, provided by Google videos, but I guess it shows the whole movie right here! Awesome! Not the greatest quality but still… just enjoy the film!


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