Jongchul Lee

A photographer I came across some time ago, his photography work is some what traditional but with a very warm and personal touch. The set of photos which I really love are the ‘Hands & Knees’ set which is on his website however due to his own personal reasons I am unable to copy therefore the link above will take you to his site and the set can be found in his ‘Portfolios’. Built up of 34 images the photos track a journey with a band which uses a mixture of very open and composed shots and playing a lot with the depth of field which I really enjoy about his photos. You get a feeling of personal adventure as well as a true experimentation with the imagery but still thinking about composition, timing and affective lighting in order to get a true essence of the moment. He isn’t a very ‘mainstream’ photographer and not using anything exactly technically advanced but the images he produces are a real joy to look at because of the qwerky yet involving images that play the with the camera’s full settings.


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