Pika Pika – Go Go Pika Pika Movie!

So the title could confuse almost anyone if not make them think its something to do with Pokemon… but, I did find this video some while ago now but still love it.
Pika Pika is a group which was set up in Japan to allow people from all walks of life and any age to experiment and learn about photography as well as having a damn good time. Taking 10 shooting days and using around 16,362 photos this short film is put together beautifully, the images as well as music coincide together amazingly. They use a pretty simple technique of keeping the shutter open for a longer period of time allowing more light to enter the camera capturing the lines the light leaves. It’s a really fun technique and they show it off in real style and fun, just something that I had to put up…
If you want to know more about the video heres the ‘behind the scenes’ video!


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