“The DMCI was this years branding partner for the 2010 PromaxBDA ANZ Conference. They produced 2 conference openers and all print and marketing collateral.
ism studios worked in collaboration with the DMCI to produce music and sound design for the 2 openers.
The conference theme was CREATIVE SURVIVAL KIT and our approach was to explore a day in the life of a ‘creative’.
This piece revolves around the theme of ‘PROCRASTINATION’. ”

A stunning little film filled with color and characters which, as described, is simply set around the working area of a designer or creator. This somewhat reminds me just of how I work and I know of people that work in a similar way in that we plan to do work and some form of imagery but get ‘distracted’ and seem to create imagery of a different nature somewhere else. It sums up something that regularly happens to me in a humorous way with an attractive mix of obvious stop motion in which the hand is clearly focused in the shot and creates the pieces and where the pieces almost create themselves.


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